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This protection capsule talisman is uniquely handcrafted by us. A hand painted sigil along with a sealed blend of protection herbs within this snail shell helps to protect you, your home, room or where ever you feel you need protection.


This talisman is designed to protect against negative energies, evil people, evil spirits and hexes.


Place in a window (out of direct sunlight) at or near your front door or entry way to a room. To carry as a talisman, place it in your bag or a pouch to keep it close to you.


Measures approx. 4.5cm long x 3.5cm wide.


*Please note: herbs are sealed with wax, do not place in direct sunlight or near extreme heat. You will be receiving the exact capsule talisman pictured.


**Additional accessories not included in photos. All photos, descriptions/text in listings are copyrighted to Purely Therapeutic on all websites and are NOT be used without our permission.

Snail Shell Protection Talisman (D)

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